A Word From Our Team in Light of Recent Events in Our Country

Dear Coggeshall Club families and followers,

As parents and business owners, we have always made it a core tenet of our business to listen to, learn from, and respond to current events and to the larger community around us, in order to support a better future for those who have faced and struggled with inequality. It has always been a part of our mission to try and make a difference in the lives of as many families as we can. Now, more than anytime before, we need to commit to being even more focused on supporting those who have faced injustice, standing with and amplifying the voices of communities of color and the organizations who continuously fight the battle against racism in America.

We know that all our Coggeshall Club families and people locally and nationally, have all been impacted in different ways by the recent incidents which have highlighted racism and systemic oppression, we all still remain linked by our love for our children, families and communities.

Change and action can start in the smallest ways, through our commitment to teaching our children to respect all people of all races, and to value diversity within our communities. We are committed to creating meaningful change and a better and more just future for all by working to instill values and virtues of equality, compassion and kindness in all of the children who grow through our programs at the Coggeshall Club. We hope you will join us. We have found this post with linked resources about kids and race to be helpful, and we welcome your suggestions for us on how we can build on our commitment.

Thank you.



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