Activity Ideas for a Range of Ages

We know everyone is looking for ideas on how to entertain the littles during our home days, here are some great ideas curated by our member Dr. Deanna Conley.

We sure hope you find one or two which work for you and the kiddos!

  • Play Simon Says – This is great from 2+
  • Have Puzzle Time – Generally around 3 but we have seen lots of kiddos nail a 12 piece around 20 months
  • Build with Playdoh – after you make it of course
  • Pretend to be different animals
  • Color a picture
  • Write letters to family members who are not in the same space as you
  • Plant some Magic Seeds – apple seeds just the trick
  • Write or draw a story together about what might grow from your Magic Seeds
  • Blow bubbles and try to pop them
  • Roll around on the floor
  • Take the pillows off of the couch and jump on them
  • Climb things, safely!
  • Sing silly songs
  • Sort items around your house by shape, color and size – talk about why each pile goes together
  • Make magic potions with food items around your kitchen
  • Build a fort
  • Have a pillow fight
  • Use a mirror to have a funny face making contest
  • Have a dance party
  • Play Freeze tag
  • Fill the sink with water and bubbles and let them play
  • Make mud pies in the dirt
  • Play chase
  • Write or Draw thank you letters to your teachers
  • Go on a nature walk and collect nature items
  • Use nature Items for an art project
  • Play board games (Operation is great for 3+ year olds dexterity)
  • Spend time speaking in funny voices (Monster, Fairy, Dinosaur, Princess, etc.)
  • Have Painting Time
  • Pick 5 toys to donate to another child
  • Play card games
  • Write or draw a book of manners
  • Playa charades
  • Play in the rain and jump in puddles
  • Read a story and talk about your favorite parts
  • Do an online activity (there are many of them available right now!
  • Form a pots and pans band
  • FaceTime a friend
  • Put on a play
  • Give your kids crayons and all of the extra amazon boxes
  • Play dress up
  • Play a few activities on the GoNoodle Kids App
  • Do Yoga
  • Bake Cookies (and build in math skills while you do!)
  • Use all of the empty toilet rolls to make an instrument or binoculars
  • Teach your child a new word and practice using it
  • Teach your child a new language word and practice using that!
  • Count items around your home
  • Call your friends and relatives and give each one a compliment
  • Pick a common site word like “The” and go on a word hunt in your favorite books
  • Teach your kids how to do laundry (folding socks or kitchen towels are a great start) or load the dishwasher \
  • Trace shapes with shaving cream or soap on baking sheets (Do. Not. Eat.)
  • Finger paint
  • Play Tickle Monster (plus if you have the book)
  • Make a list of ways to help other people or to be kind
  • Turn off all the lights and play flashlight games
  • Build a tower and knock it down
  • Have your child use blocks (Legos, Magnatiles, Lincoln Logs?)to build their dream house, and have them tell you all about it
  • Play Jenga
  • Play story tag – one person starts a story and the next person continues it
  • Plan your perfect quarantine free day! (Maybe that one’s really for you Mom and Dad)



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