Holiday Gift Guide from Our Coggeshall Club Childcare Development Team

The Coggeshall Club mission has always been to give families the gift of time, care and presence, and to make room for more moments with the people who matter most (all year long). However, we know the holidays can be a hectic time for parents. While we know we cannot provide the perfect magic trick to help you get your growing list of “to-dos” done around this time, we can offer some holiday gifting suggestions from our Holiday Gift Guide, for toys (and non-toys), hand picked by our Coggeshall Club Childcare Development Team.

Here is the Coggeshall Club guide to what our team thought would be awesome, yet simple and memorable gifts for your kiddos, categorized by ages from infant to 3 years old.


  1. Sensory-appealing toys such as a mirror to see themselves in or even just the left-over wrapping paper that they can touch, feel and hear crinkle!
  2. Special books that can be enjoyed for years to come. The Spirit of Christmas, by Nancy Tillman, is a beautiful story that captures the message of spending the holidays with family is the best gift of all.
  3. A book experience! Simply print out some photos of your family members and stick them in a photo book to teach them about the important people in their lives. You’ll create something that they can look back on forever.

1-year olds:

  1. A well-built tent for pretend play (or simply a big box!) can become a fun playspace during the long winter months!
  2. A Geometric stacker helps to build early shape, color and size differentiation skills, plus it looks so nice on a shelf!
  3. To encourage the development of hand-eye coordination and attention span, try this wooden ramp racer!

2-3 year olds:

  1. Pretend play toys that help build confidence and strengthen your child’s sense of purpose, such as cleaning set, is perfect for these ages.
  2. Toys that inspire creativity like Grimm’s 6-piece Rainbow stacker, is a must-have on every toy shelf!
  3. An outdoor experience that can be enjoyed together, whether it’s a plan to go fishing, camping or hiking, or even a membership to the zoo, will create memories that last a lifetime.

Written by Nicole Mineau

“Maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.”

– Dr. Seuss



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