Living for the Weekend?

Everything in Your Life Feels Pretty Much Completely Different Than Usual Right Now.

And so should the weekend, why? 

Because you have never earned a relaxing, do nothing couple of days each week as much as you have these past couple of weeks.

Working from home with your entire family literally under the same roof, 24/7 for an indefinite period of time is not normal. We have lots of strategies and lot of ways to help make those week days more productive, more positive and strategically successful. 

Here is your guide for the weekends during quarantine. If you heed any piece of advice you hear let it be this. Do nothing. On the weekend, more so now than ever, do nothing. Relax. You might be in the same exact seat you did your work in all week and also ate your meals. But for the weekend, sit in that seat and rest, relax, color with your kids or just sit in your PJ’s drinking coffee staring into the abyss for as long as you can. 

You are currently splitting four full time jobs between yourself and your partner. If it’s just you (you are an absolute full definition of the term, superhero). No one does this. It’s not how we have built our society, it’s not what we are physically or mentally designed for. 

We can do it while we weather this virus storm though. 

But really, it is only possible for any duration of time if we give ourselves the OK to vegetate on the weekends. 

Yes, that might mean being crawled on by mini humans but Gorillas and Chimps do that too, just think of them when you’re being used as a human jungle gym. Just relax, lean into the chaos of being a tiny human’s whole world and relax. Don’t use the weekend to clean or do laundry or any of the usual things you do on a regular non pandemic-style weekend. Use the two days to recharge your mind, body and soul. Nap when they nap, go to bed when they go to bed. Treat this time like maternity leave and just focus on your recovery and your kid(s) staying alive. 

It will give you what you need to take on the four letter word, I mean four job workweek that you find yourself (and everyone else) fully committed to at this moment in time. 

But Just Like Maternity Leave, This Phase Shall Pass and if It’s Anything Like Maternity Leave in the USA, Very Quickly.



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