Navigating the Impending Childcare Cliff: Haven’s Commitment to the broader Childcare Community and Call to Action

In July, Haven took to Washington D.C. to advocate for broader access to childcare. Collaborating with Mom’s First, the private sector, and the US Department of Commerce, we aimed to explore strategic partnerships and craft tangible solutions. Our dedication was recognized, especially for our unique approach in blending Workspace and Fitness to serve every family member. For those unfamiliar with the details of this trip, I’ve appended some information at the end of this message.

Today, I address you with an impending concern discussed during our D.C. visit: the looming Nationwide Childcare Cliff.

While Haven’s operations are self-sustained and not reliant on state or federal funding, this matter is still of paramount importance to our community. Starting September 30, 2023, a drastic reduction in federal child care support is set to take place. Without timely intervention from Congress, the impact on childcare centers and families nationwide will be profound. Current projections estimate over three million children losing access to child care, with a potential closure of around 70,000 childcare programs. The ripple effects on families, including lapses in care, will be significant. Our aim is to advocate for policy intervention, ensuring families and all of the nation’s potentially affected childcare centers receive the support they deserve.

At Haven, we’re not just passive observers. A heartfelt thank you to each one of you for rallying behind our mission. Elevating our own Childis no easy task, but it’s one that deserves our unwavering commitment, especially as many of us are parents who understand its significance. We cherish the daily appreciation you show to our caregivers.

We’re resolved to navigate these challenges, no matter how arduous the path. Your support means the world to us, especially as numerous childcare centers face these uncertainties.


Britt Founder of Haven

Expected impact on NJ & RI

Rhode Island

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New Jersey

Screenshot 2023 08 22 at 8.20.30 PM

We are so incredibly grateful we are not in a position to be directly impacted by this but desperately want to make sure that this country is only ever adding to it’s childcare availability, not losing 3 million spaces at a time.

Read more about this issue in the link provided below. If you have the ability to please reach out to your local politicians to help support the many providers who will potentially be affected.



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