Newport Daily News || Child Care, Workspace, Fitness Center All Under One Middletown Roof

“Whether it’s for a few hours or full days, we will engage and nurture your kiddos while you do you, whether that means work, working out, tackling some errands or simply resting,” a brochure for the business said. “It’s a bridge,” Riley said during an interview Monday at the club, “and it’s whatever you need it to be.”

The Coggeshall Club is the pilot program for what she envisions will become a network of clubs operated under the banner of her company, The Haven Collection. She co-founded the company with Morgan Baird Everson and Kieran Harvey.

“Our goal is to help improve the quality of life for every member of 100,000 families in their first five years, in the next five years,” Riley wrote in an email. “This is ambitious, but in order to help solidify a healthy future integration of work and life this will need to spread far and wide, cultivating positive starts for parents and their kids. 



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