The Scoop on RI’s First Family Friendly Coworking Space

The concept spawned from frustrations, and the realization that Britt couldn’t possibly be the only one experiencing this impetuous lifestyle, being working professional and having to care for two babies full time.

“You get here, drop off the kids in our licensed daycare facility with experienced teachers, go upstairs to exercise, shower and then check on your kiddos while you get some work done, run errands or just kick up your feet. It’s all in one place,” she explains. “It is an entirely new age to be a family. It is stressful on good days with traditional solutions, so we aim to take as much stress off people’s plates as possible.”

This dream made into reality has been nothing short of a breath of fresh air. We are growing exponentially and hope to reach over 100,000 families over the next five years, says Britt Riley, owner and co-founder of the Coggeshall Club.

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